Participation of Ufa Eye Research Institute in the 15th All-Russian School of Ophthalmologist, March 10-13, 2016, "Snegiri" Hotel, Moscow Region.

The head of the 2nd microsurgical department, Candidate of Medical Science I.I. Khusnutdinov took part in the 15th All-Russian School of Ophthalmologist which took place on March 10-13, 2016 in hotel "Snegiri".
The annual conference which was dedicated to the World Day of Combating Glaucoma was attended by guests from all over Russia. At the opening of the conference participants were welcomed by academician S.E. Avetisov and research advisor of the School of Ophthalmologist , the chairman of the organizing committee, Professor E. A. Egorov. The conference discussed issues of prevention, early diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma, the etiology and treatment of dry eye syndrome.
I.I. Khusnitdinov presented a paper on the topic "Surgery for refractory glaucoma with the use of drainage devices."


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