VII International Conference on Ophthalmosurgery “East-West 2016”. Review.


On 2-3 June 2016 Ufa held VII International Confernce on Ophthalmosurgery “East-West 2016” that was timed to coincide with significant dates of Bashkir ophthalmology: 130 years of Ufa Department of Patronage of Empress Maria Alexandrovna for the blind, 115 years of Ufa Eye Infirmary, 90 years of Ufa Eye Research Institute and 25 years of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan. The forum was attended by more than 1100 ophthalmologists from West – Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Switzerland, and East – Japan, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Near abroad countries were represented by Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine.

The delegation of Russian ophthalmologists was headed by directors and leading specialists of research institutes, such as Interbranch Scientific and Technical Complex "Eye Microsurgery" n.a. Acad. S.N. Fyodorov in Moscow and its branches in St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Perm, Volgograd, Kaluga, Moscow Eye Research Institute, Helmholtz Moscow Eye Research Institute and senior doctors of  ophthalmic clinics, heads of departments of ophthalmic clinics from  various regions of Russia, from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Chukotka, there were also were guests from Crimea.

At the opening ceremony Dr. Gregor Wollensak (Germany) was awarded Odintsov Medal n.a. first director of Ufa Eye Research Institute, prof. V.P. Odintsov. This medal was established in Ufa Eye Research Institute due to 90th anniversary of its foundation and is the only medal in Russia given for significant achievements in ophthalmology. Dr. G. Wollensak delivered a speech of response, and read a lecture on the results of treatment of corneal diseases.

The conference was held at the Bashkir State Opera House. There were more than 120 reports on the most topical issues of ophthalmology, the best of which were awarded with diplomas. Panel sessions, training courses, satellite symposia were held in tambem in three halls.

Alongside with sessions on topical issues of ophthalmology three scientific sessions of foreign ophthalmic societies- Germany, India and Japan were held.

Scientific session of ophthalmologists of Chiba University (Japan) was devoted to the results of the treatment of retinal and vitreous diseases and presented by the leading experts - prof. Toshiyuki Ositari, Associate Professor Takayuki Baba, Dr. Gene Miura led by the head of department, director of Chiba University Hospital, Prof. Shuichi Yamamoto.

Famous Indian ophthalmologists - prof. Mohan Rajan, Dr. Sujatha Mohan, Dr. M. Nivean, Dr. J.K. Reddy reported their results of treatment of cataracts and other eye diseases.

A large delegation of ophthalmologists from Germany - the leading experts of Heidelberg University, ophthalmic clinics of high scientometric indices, presented the reports on topical areas of ophthalmology. Thus, the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, the chief editor of «British Journal of Ophthalmology», Professor J. Jonas in his report presented the results of treatment of patients with glaucoma clinic at the University of Heidelberg (Mannheim).

Chief doctor, assistant professor, Dr. H. Sachs reported on results of subretinal chip implant in blind patients with severe retinal pathology in the eye clinic of Dresden. Report of Doctor of Psychology U. Kaempf (Dresden) was dedicated to implementation of advanced telemedical technologies, in particular computer games presented via Internet for the treatment of meridional amblyopia. The founder and the head of the leading company producing of IOLs Dr. F. Klemm (Berlin) reported on experience of application of refractive intraocular lenses. Assistant professor, deputy medical director of the eye clinic of Hoyerswerda G. Wollensak lectured on new developments in the field of corneal cross-linking. Reports of German colleagues provoked interesting discussions, both during the sessions and in the intervals between them.

International team consisting of experts from Austria, Germany, USA, Japan, for the 5th time held training courses on vitreoretinal pathology.

Reports of ophthalmologists from other European and Asian countries arose much interest. Thus, the Director of Eye Unit of Karol Wojtyla Hospital (Rome, Italy) Dr. C. Carlevale presented his own experience of surgical procedures in patients with cataracts. Associate Professor at the University Hospital Basel (Switzerland), Dr. M. Grieshaber reported on modern trends in surgical treatment of glaucoma. Dr. A. Ebneter and Dr. K. Tappeiner of Bern University Hospital (Switzerland) shared their experience in the treatment of retinal and inflammatory eye diseases Director of «New Vision» Corporation, prof. Jui- Teng Lin (Taiwan), the founder of LASIK laser correction – a well-known method used by ophthalmologists around the world, presented the results of his multi-year research in this area. Professor of Ophthalmology at New York Medical College, founder and president of the Pediatric Keratoplasty Association Dr. G. Zaidman (USA) reported on the treatment of children with lens and cornea disorders.

During video session rare clinical cases were shown.  Each film has caused a lively discussion on the part of young and experienced professionals. Young scientists were given the opportunity to share their scientific achievements in the interactive poster session.

Traditionally, an integral part of the conference is "live surgery" - demonstration of surgeons ‘show cases in operating units of Ufa Eye Research Institute performed by the leading Russian and Ufa surgeons.

Together with the electronic information publication "Russian ophthalmology online" online broadcast of all sessions was organized. More than 200 scientific works of Russian and foreign researchers in different areas of ophthalmology were published in three issues of scientific and practical journal "Point of view. East-West-2016 ".

The conference traditionally became the venue for sharing experiences experience, getting acquainted with modern methods of eye diseases treatment as well as medical equipment and drugs, scientific literature which were presented at the exhibition.

The plenary session was devoted to celebration of the jubilee events. It was attended by the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan R. Khamitov, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan A. Gayazov, Minister of Health of the Republic of Bashkortostan A. Bakirov, Vice Chairperson of the State Assembly - Kurultay R. Ilyasova, the mayor of Ufa I. Yalalov and others.

The rich scientific program, impressive composition of the conference and interesting social program left an unforgettable impression on the guests of Ufa.


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