Participation in IX All-Russia Ophthalmological Forum


On October 2-14, 2016 Moscow held scientific and practical conference with international participation “IX All-Russia Ophthalmological Forum”

The conference consisted of plenary sessions where the discussions revolved around topical issues of ophthalmology, including: modern approaches to medical and surgical treatment of disabling eye diseases, inflammatory eye diseases, new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, laser technologies in diagnostics and treatment of eye pathology, etc . As the part of the conference WHO Symposium "Universal eye care: “Prevention of blindness resulting from eye trauma” was conducted, questions of which were actively discussed by the conference participants.

Director of the Institute, prof. M.M. Bikbov made a report on “Concept of cornea pocket in surgical treatment of corneal ectasia” in section dedicated to modern approaches in pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of eye disabling diseases. Cornea diseases are one of the most severe eye diseases that’s why reports of our doctors who are actively involved in treatment of patients with such diseases always appear in the agenda of every symposia.


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