Participation in the annual scientific and practical conference "Modern technologies in Cataract and Refractive Surgery", October 26-29, 2016


Delegation of the Institute headed by the Director, Professor M. Bikbov attended the annual scientific and practical conference with international participation "Modern technologies in Cataract and Refractive Surgery" which was held on October 26-29, 2016 in "ISTC" Eye Microsurgery " n.a. academician S.N. Fedorov ", Moscow.
As part of the conference the meeting of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons was held. Traditionally, there was "Live Surgery" with demonstration of surgeries, video sessions and round tables on the most topical problems of ophthalmology, and satellite symposia. An exhibition of ophthalmic equipment and instruments of domestic and foreign manufacturers took place.
A special feature of the conference was the organization of the session devoted to cornea pathology and methods of treatment - "Corneal day."
Ufa Eye Research Institute is actively engaged in the development of this area of ​​ophthalmology and it presented 5 reports devoted to this topic.

1.JPGProfessor M. Bikbov co-chaired the session on "Micro-invasive approaches to the treatment of the initial stages of congenital and induced ectasia", sections of the "live surgery" which demonstrated the cases of endothelial keratoplasty using the femtosecond laser and was a participant of the round-table in the discussion of current trends in the development of keratoplasty in Russian Federation.
Program report of M. Bikbov "Evolution of corneal cross-linking" dedicated to the various aspects of photochemical crosslinking of the cornea, modern trends and future directions of development of this method aroused great interest among the audience. In addition, the following reports were presented:
- Cand. Sc.(Medicine) E. Usubov , "The implantation of corneal rings: advantages and disadvantages",
- R. Kazakbaev "Penetrating keratoplasty for different corneal pathologies".

 In the poster session Cand. Sc.(Biology) A. Khalimov made a report on "UV crosslinking of the cornea in the experiment. Safety and efficiency, "and M. Astrelin on "Prospects for the use of the sclera crosslinking with riboflavin /UVA exposure for progressive myopia."
Within the framework of the conference the meeting of Russian Society of Ophthalmologists were held where Professor M. Bikbov was elected as Senior Vice President of Society, which is a significant event in the life of our Institute.
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Despite lively discussions, the conference, as always, took place in inviting atmosphere and enabled to create new opportunities to demonstrate the achievements of domestic ophthalmology.


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