• POINT OF VIEW • EAST – WEST Vol.2 2014 Scientific and practical journal SBI "Ufa Eye Research Institute of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan"



             • POINT OF VIEW •  EAST – WEST 
Vol.2 2014 
Scientific and practical journal 
 SBI "Ufa Eye Research Institute 
of  Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan"

Editor's note

GBR_3470m.jpgDear Colleagues, the second issue of the journal "Point of view. East-West" was created in collaboration with ophthalmologists of Volga-Vyatka region. It enclosed materials of Jubilee scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Kirov clinical ophthalmologic hospital. The main purpose of the journal is introduction of study results of various scientific schools on topical issues of ophthalmology to eye care professionals. I hope that this issue will be interesting to specialists and will allow them to learn about the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, will help to improve professional skills and will provide an opportunity for discussions and sharing experiences. Editorial staff of "Point of view. East-West" is waiting for works to publish and is ready to cooperate with the different regions of Russia publishing materials of international and regional conferences and seminars.

                                                                                                  M. Bikbov, MD, PhD, 
the chief editor of the journal ≪Point of View. East-West≫


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