The Institute carries out applied and fundamental research, including with the support of the Russian Fundamental Research Fund (RFRF).

In recent years the Institute is actively involved in the implementation of innovative projects. The outcome of the work was design of a device for UV irradiation of the cornea "UFalink", and protector of the cornea "Dekstralink", which are currently commercially available. Developments of the Institute are the winners of the "100 Best Goods of Russia" and "The Best Goods of Bashkortostan" contests, awarded diplomas of II degree (with the award of the silver medal) in the nomination "The best innovative project and the best scientific and technical development of the year" at the St. Petersburg Technical Fair, they were presented at Russian and International exhibitions, including Madrid (Spain).

Developed device for UV power control "UV-Tester" is recommended for serial production and further application in medical practice when working with devices that generate ultraviolet radiation. New types of photosensitizers for UV Corneal collagen crosslinking (CXL) in patients with corneal ectasia: "Ribolink" "Hitolink", "EpiTrans" and "Ribotcyklin" are presented.

The Institute holds annual scientific and practical conferences, in which leading Russian and foreign experts participate. So that became the traditional "East-West" Conference gathers more than 700 guests from almost all regions of the Russian Federation from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Far East, as well as the UK, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the USA, India, Pakistan. The "live surgery" from operating units of the Institute during the conference provides the professional growth of Ophthalmologists of the Bashkortostan Republic. Courses on vitreoretinal surgery, age-related macular degeneration and ophthalmic manifestations of diabetes were conducted many times (in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014) on the basis of the Institute.

Employees of Ufa Eye Research Institute attend Russian and International Conferences and Symposia with presentations. Thus, scientists of the Institute presented more than 30 presentations at conferences in Italy, France, USA, Germany, UK during 2012-2014. “The usage of PocketMaker device in the design of transplants for automated endothelial keratoplasty” presentation by G.M. Bikbova and M.M. Bikbov was highly appreciated; the authors have received the prestigious award «Innovation Award - 2012" for their contribution to the development of ophthalmology (Milan, Italy, 2012). The contribution of the Director of our Institute prof. M.M. Bikbov to the development of ophthalmology and implementation of scientific and clinical collaboration between East and West was noted by Diploma (Hamburg, Germany, 2013). The presentation by R.R. Fayzrakhmanova was acknowledged as the best at the conference «VasKon-2014" (Chennai, India, 2014).

In 2013, a large delegation of the Institute paid a working visit the public and private ophthalmological clinics in Germany for practical familiarization with the organization of work and to discuss issues of joint research projects. In 2014, the delegation of Ufa Eye Research Institute within the XXXII European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons visited Queen's Hospital and one of the private clinics - The Wellington Hospital in London with a view of practical acquaintance with the organization of work providing eye care.

Young employees of the Institute regularly take part in various competitions. In 2011, a group of young scientists – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Bikbova G.M., Khabibullin A.F., Baymukhametov N.E. - won the competition of innovations and was awarded with the State Republican Youth Prize in the field of science and technology for the scientific paper "New technologies of treatment of corneal pathology." A team of scientists - prof. M.M. Bikbov, Candidate of Medical Sciences A.E. Babushkin and Candidate of Medical Sciences O.I. Orenburkina for the work "Angiogenesis inhibitors in the surgical treatment of neovascular glaucoma" received a grant of the Russian Glaucoma Society in the "Treatment of glaucoma" category in 2012. In 2013, N.B. Zaynullina received a grant of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), took 1st place in a section of ophthalmosurgery at VIII Conference of Young Scientists "Topical issues of ophthalmology" (Moscow).

In 2015, the young scientists of the Ufa Eye Research Institute M.R. Kalanov and M.N. Astrelin presented their projects at the Russian start-up tour "Biological and Medical Technology." At the regional level the project of M.R. Kalanov "DAKRYOSTREAM" - drainage for lacrimal surgery" became the winner, and the project of research assistant M.N. Astrelin "Device for sclera crosslinking" took the second place.

In the Russian stage of the competition the project of M.N. Astrelin participated in the semi-finals of the track "BIOMED" in the section of "Breakthrough technologies in the health care," and M.N. Kalanov with his project "DAKRYOSTREAM" - drainage for lacrimal surgery " won in the semifinals of the track" BIOMED " in the section "Control of infectious diseases " and became one of the 29 finalists of the Startup Village-2015.

A number of employees of the Institute have been awarded for the significant advances in ophthalmology. In 2011, for the work "Atlas of ocular pathology" Academician of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan M.T. Aznabaev, prof. V.B. Malkhanov, Candidate of Medical Sciences N.A. Nikitin were awarded with the State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the field of science and technology. Prof. M.M. Bikbov, Candidate of Medical Sciences G.M. Bikbova became award winners of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan Professor G.Kh. Kudoyarov Memorial Award for the work "Corneal ectasias" (2013). In 2014, Candidate of Medical Sciences Fayzrakhmanov R.R. and Candidate of Medical Sciences Yarmukhametova A.L. received the Grant of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the contest of scientific works of young scientists and young research teams for the work "Age-related macular degeneration."

One of the important tasks - training of highly qualified personnel in postgraduate and clinical studies, and on training courses. For the last 7 years (2007-2015) Institute staff passed 8 doctoral and 27 candidate defenses, published 13 books, more than 900 scientific papers were published, and more than 80 patents for inventions of the Russian Federation were received.

Only in 2015 ophthalmologists from Moscow, Vladivostok, Tomsk, Samara, Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia, Azerbaijan (Baku), Germany, Syria, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan received training on the basis of the Institute. The opening of WETLAB - modern educational laboratory - allows young professionals to master the technique of cataract ultrasound phacoemulsification. 

Natalya Shevchuk 
Deputy Director for Science