Research and Production Department

Research and Production Department

Russia  Ufa, Pushkin Street, 90 450008     
 Ph.: +7 (347) 273-29-52, 272-08-52
      The Research and Production Department is a part of an innovative system of the Ufa Eye Research Institute, providing introduction of research works, their promotion and sale at the medical products market. 

    The department has a successful experience of innovative work. It allowed to register, certificate and start manufacturing and realization of the demanded medical products in a short period - “UFalink” (2009), ophthalmological device for UV-crosslinking and "Dextralink" (2011), a corneal protector. 

The structure of the research and production department:

- Engineering and Design Department
Laboratory for the Production of Medical Devices 
- Department for Foreign Relations and Marketing 

Qualified engineers carry out maintenance and repair of medical and computer equipment of the institute.