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Ufa Eye Research Institute Clinic provides:
 – Qualified ophthalmic aid to the people of Republic of Bashkortostan and Russian Federation,
 – The implementation of measures to prevent and reduce the incidence of eye diseases and disability of people, 
– Organizational and methodological guide for Bashkir ophthalmologists,
– Organization of diagnostic and treatment process based on established standards of medical care, 
– Advising doctors of hospitals and clinics on the complex issues of diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmological diseases and surgical treatment.
 Due to interaction of science and practice, the development of modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and the introduction of new medical technologies in health care are put into effect.


Shamil Kuzbekov

Deputy Chief Doctor
for innovation development,
Candidate of Medical Science,
Board Certified in Ophthalmology

Liya Murova

     Deputy Chief Doctor for Medicine
        Candidate of Medical Science,
   Board Certified in Ophthalmology