Hospital-replacing Technologies Department

14 Aurora Street ,Ufa, Russia, 450092 

This department was organized in January 2011, and now 9 people work there. There are 22 beds.The department  specializes on surgical and conservative treatment of patients with various eye diseases and its adnexa.

 It is assimilated and actively applied transcanalicular laser endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy for the chronic dacryocystitis.

Operations are carried out on a modern laser "Lahta Milon." Since the beginning of the year around 200 patients with chronic dacryocystitis have been treated here. To reduce the risk of dacryocystitis recurrence is used lacrimal intubation set Ritleng (Lacrimal Intubation. Set, FCI France). 


  The department performs:
- Removal of pterygium
- Removal of neoplasm
- Removal of chalazion
- Blepharoplasty
- Blepharelosis  and  lid eversion surgery

One of the department directions is pleopto-orthoptic treatment for children with strabismus, refractive errors of various etiologies.
The department also conducts probing and irrigation lachrymal ducts in neonatal dacryocystitis.