Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Department of anesthesiology and reanimation exists for more than 30 years on the basis of Ufa Eye Research Institute. The staff consists of 4 doctors and 10 nurse anesthetists. The number of surgeries increases annually. We render anaesthetic support and emergency care to patients of different age groups with pathologies of cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory systems. 

Owing to introduction of high-tech methods of surgeries – vitreoretinal surgery, phacoemulsification, dacryocystorhinostomy and an increase in patients with severe disorders like diabetes, retinal detachment, severe trauma, noncompensated glaucoma, increased the amount of anesthesia care to patients is provided. Surgeries in children and patients with advanced, persistent traumatic interventions are conducted under general anesthesia.

The main method of anesthesia in ophthalmic surgery is potentiation of a local anesthesia and ataralgesia. The used neurotropic, sedative, neurovasogenic drugs allow solving the problem of IOP regulation and avoiding complications during the surgery.  


In addition, anesthesia service carries out medical-advisory work for emergency situations during preparation for surgery, postoperative monitoring of patients.

Anesthesia Service works 24-h/7-day in Emergency department with provision of emergency trauma care.