Engineering and Design Department


Engineering and Design Department

14 Aurora Street, Ufa
Russia 450092
Ph.: +7 (347) 255-07-12

The laboratory together with the research and clinical units of the institute are carrying out research and introduction studies of new medical products.

Since 2007 the laboratory employees performed research activity under the innovative projects of The State Research and Technology Program of Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan Republic:

  - "Inno 2007" Development of a new viscoelastic for intraocular structures protection.
  - "Inno 2008" Cellular technologies, condition of thyroid-dependent enzymes during preventive care with iodine-polysaccharide compounds, development of a program and equipment for corneal ectasia treatment.
  - "Inno 2009" Innovative technologies for corneal pathology treatment.
  - "Inno 2010" Development of the UV-crosslinking device with software and medical joint products.
 - "Inno 2011" Nanotechnologies in eye diseases treatment for a connective tissue dysplasia. Development of medical products.
- "Research work on the State Scientific and Technical Program 2012" Development of innovative technologies for treatment of degenerative eye diseases.

  New developments of the lab: 

«UFalink» the ophathalmological device for UV-crosslincing in eye cornea deseases,
 introduced advanced developments in the field of UV crosslinking of corneal collagen.(currently the medical device is being registered)

As an additional security measure of the crosslinking procedure there is provided a system of control of the intensity of UV radiation with use of "UV-tester" (currently the medical device is being registered)