Department for foreign relations and marketing

Department for foreign relations and marketing

The primary targets of the department are marketing, advertizing, and realization of the products produced in the Ufa Eye Research Institute; participation in the regional and international exhibitions; establishment of business contacts in Russia and the near-abroad and to represent innovative developments of the Institute.

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  The Department for Foreign relations and marketing provides visa support to employees and the foreign citizens, invited by the Institute for participation in the International Scientific Events and exchange programs.

Important tasks of the department are the organization of the International Conferences, working-out of the cooperation programs with foreign partners and development of an exchange programs for specialists from research institutes of the different countries; and also customs and documentary support of equipment and medical products arriving to the Institute.

International Collaboration

Phone/fax: +7(347) 272-08-52.

Medical products "UFalink" and "Dextralink" for crosslinking 

The Ufa Eye Research Institute produces and sells:

 - "UFalink" the ophthalmological device for UV-crosslinking in the corneal diseases

DEXTRALINK – the device for usage in UV-crosslinking procedures in ophthalmological practice

Intraocular lenses

Intraocular lenses

Lens diameter (mm) 

Optical power (dioptres)

Ufalens-I posterior monolithic

5,0; 5,5; 6,0; 6,5

from +8,0 D  to +30,0 D step 0,5 D

Ufalens-III anterior monolithic


from +5,0 D  to +30,0 D step 0,5 D