Physiotherapy department

14 Aurora Str., Ufa, 450092
+7 (347) 255-30-21

Physiotherapy department of Ufa Eye Research Institute carries out treatment of eye diseases and rehabilitation of patients after surgeries and trauma using electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, light, including low-intensity (therapeutic) laser. Along with hardware treatment there are such procedures as training of visual functions aimed at relieving iridocyclospasm, development of eye muscles, restoration of binocular vision.

We treat patients of all ages, but 80% of them are children. There is a physiotherapy room on the basis of Hospital-replacing technologies Department where you can get treatment as a day patient department mode.

Device "MIRAZH" for training binocular vision by Prof. Kashchenko. It is intended for the treatment of concomitant strabismus during the formation of binocular vision disorders and contributes to restoration of bifoveal fusion.