Participation in the 19th Winter Congress of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons


Ufa Eye Research Institute represented by the heads of Departments, Candidates of Medical Science R.R. Faizrakhmanov, E.L. Usubov, I.I. Khusnitdinov participated in the 19th Winter Congress of European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons. This annual International Congress of Ophthalmology held from 20 to 22 February in Istanbul (Turkey).

The congress was attended by more than 3 thousand experts and researchers in the field of anterior eye segment pathology from 27 countries. The meeting venue was Hotel Hilton in the center of Istanbul. The scientific program of the congress included 12 main sessions, 7 training courses and 5 satellite symposia.

Our Institute presented 2 reports:

– M. Bikbov, R. Faizakhmanov. The The choice of vitreal cavity tamponade in patients on macular surgery depending on the Zinn ligament´s functionality after рhacoemulsification. 
– M. Bikbov, E. Usubov, Y. Burkhanov. Femtolaser assistant ultrasound phacoemulsification of complicated cataract with a narrow pupil.

The report made by R.R. Faizrakhmanov sparked off a lively dispute on the method of tamponade as some surgeons use air and others – methyl cellulose.

At the poster session Institute stuff presented following reports:

- I. Zaydullin, M. Bikbov. Result of intrascleral and intracapsular fixation of foldable IOL in children with lens subluxation.- R. Abdullin. Revisiting the management of immature traumatic cataract. 
- G. Zainutdinova, M. Bikbov, E. Lukyanova. Analysis of long-term results of surgical treatment of advanced keratoconus in adolescents.
- I. Khusnutdinov, M. Bikbov, O. Chayka. Results of cataract phacoemulsification after Ahmed valve drainage implantation.


Report made by I. Khusnitdinov became the award winner of “The best poster report of ESCRS winter 2015”

The conference included presentations on the use of shunts in combined cataract and glaucoma treatment to activate the uveoscleral outflow of intraocular fluid, glucocorticoids in the treatment of macular edema after phacoemulsification, etc. 
More than 44 companies took part in the exhibition of ophthalmic equipment where modern diagnostic and surgical equipment for anterior and posterior eye segments were presented.
Participation of UERI staff in the work of 19th winter ESCRS Congress points to the fact that the Institute is recognized by International Ophthalmology Society. 


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