Participation in scientific and practical conference "Ophthalmology. Results and Prospects."


      On March 12, 2015, Moscow, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia held scientific and practical conference "Ophthalmology. Results and Prospects. "
Ufa Eye Research Institute was represented by report on "Intrastromal keratoplasty with the use of implants in the treatment of keratoconus" (M.M.Bikbov, E.L.Usubov).
Guidelines of the conference:
-         Social and medical aspects of ophthalmology
-         Blindness, hypovision and prevention measures
-         Diagnostic methods of eye diseases and injuries
-         Conservative and surgical treatment of eye diseases and injuries
-         Progressive myopia and accommodation disorder ( diagnosis and methods of treatment)
-         Pediatric ophthalmology
-         Retinal degeneration
-         Infection and inflammatory eye diseases
-         Dry eye syndrome
-         Modern diagnosis and treatment options in glaucoma
-         Refractive surgery
-         Surgical treatment of complicated cataract and glaucoma
-         Eye diseases in countries with hot climate
This Jubilee Conference was dedicated to 50th anniversary of Eye Diseases Department of People’s Friendship University of Russia.  Ufa Eye Research Institute join others in congratulations. 


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