Ufa Eye Research Institute took part in scientific and practical conference "Modern technologies of vitreoretinal pathology treatment"


On March 19-20 FSBI “Interbranch scientific and technical complex “Eye Microsurgery” n.a. academician S.N. Fyodorov held a scientific and practical conference with international participation “Modern treatment technologies for vitreoretinal pathology”.
Ufa Eye Research Institute also took part in the conference. Director of the Institute, M.M.Bikbov was a member of honorary presidium and a co-chair at plenary meeting “Diagnosis of vitreoretinal pathology”. Employees of vitreoretinal and laser surgery department  Candidate of Medical Science, R.R. Faizrakhmamov and Senior Research Associate A.L. Yarmukhametova read the following reports:
1. M.M. Bikbov, R.R. Faizrakhmanov, I.I. Gilyazova,  T.R. Gilmanshin. Time course of   foveola functional scores in central retinal vein occlusion associated with antivasoproliferative therapy.
2. M.M. Bikbov, R.R. Faizrakhmanov, A.L. Yarmukhametova, R.M. Zainullin. Anatomic mapping of diabetic macular edema on the basis of OCT data
when performing antivasoproliferative therapy.
The presented reports were marked as fundamental and prospective for further research.  
Main guidelines of the conference: DSC01117.JPG
• Diagnosis of vitreoretinal pathology.
• Surgery of macular pathology.
• Innovations in vitreoretinal surgery.
• Modern aspects of vitreoretinal and laser surgery for retinopathy of prematurity.
• Laser surgery in the treatment of retinal diseases.


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