Ufa Eye Research Institute staff took part in 6th EuCornea and XXXIII ESCRS Congresses


The delegation of UERI headed by Director, Professor M.M. Bikbov took part in the 6th Congress «EuCornea» (3-5 September 2015) and the XXXIII Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons «ESCRS» (5-9 September 2015). Both of them were held in the new Exhibition Centre in Barcelona (Spain). In those days  the 3rd World Congress of Paediatric Ophthalmology also took place.

The congresses were attended by over 6000 delegates who discussed various issues of ophthalmology. There were 2084 oral reports and 1237 electronic posters presented  at "ESCRS 2015". 60 Wetlab courses were conducted.

Ufa Eye Research Institute submitted a total of 14 reports:

1. M. Bikbov, G. Bikbova, E. Usubov. The evaluation of intrastromal corneal MyoRing implantation with corneal collagen cross-linking in keratoconus treatment.

2. M. Bikbov, G. Kazakbayeva, K. Oganisyan. Myoring implantation after protrusion of intrastromal segments in patients with keratoconus.

3. M. Bikbov, V. Surkova, K. Oganisyan. Early keratoplasty in patient with Acanthamoeba keratitis: clinical case

4. A.Bikbulatova, M. Bikbov, E. Garipova. Analysis of anatomical and topographical features of eyes with high ametropia after refractive lens exchange by means of anterior segment optical coherence tomography.

5. I. Khusnitdinov, M. Bikbov. Results of single-stage cataract phacoemulsification and canaloplasty in patients with glaucoma

6. O.Orenburkina, M. Bikbov, A. Babushkin, I. Khusnitdinov. Effectiveness of Glautex drainage implant in surgical treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma.

7. I. Zaidullin, M. Bikbov. Long-term complications after congenital cataract aspiration with flexible IOL implantation in infants.

8. M. Bikbov, A. Fayzullina. Quantitative characteristics of the caliber of retinal vessels in retinopathy of prematurity

9. M. Bikbov, G. Kazakbaeva, E. Usubov, T. Bikkuzin. Toric intraocular lens after MyoRing implantation for non-progressive keratoconus.

10. M. Bikbov, G.Kazakbaeva, K.Oganisyan, E.Usubov. Correlation of corneal thickness in keratoconus before and after MyoRing implantation.

11. M. Bikbov, V. Surkova, E. Usubov, N. Zainullina Corneal biomechanical properties in patients with the I-III stages of keratoconus after corneal collagen crosslinking.

12. M. Bikbov, V. Surkova, R. Kazakbayev, E. Usubov Epikeratoplasty and corneal segment implantation for ametropia correction in patients with keratoconus.

13. M. Bikbov, K. Oganisyan, E. Usubov. Topographic, pachymetric parameters in patients with Down syndrome.

14. M. Bikbov, N. Shevchuk, G. Bikbova, A. Khalimov. Riboflavin dynamics in cornea of ​​porcine eyes using various photosensitisers for cross-linking.


Oral report presented by E. Usubov aroused much interest and he got a lot of questions regarding certain aspects of combined application of crosslinking and implantation of intrastromal rings MyoRing in patients with ectasia.

A large number of companies participated in the exhibition and presented modern diagnostic and surgical facilities, instruments, scientific literature.

Participation of UERI in these Congresses indicates a high level of research activity and recognition of the Institute by International ophthalmic community.

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