Jubilee V All-Russian Science Festival in Ufa


September, 25-27 Ufa held Jubilee V All-Russian Science Festival. The purpose of this forum is to explain in simple terms about science, how it helps to improve the quality of life, what prospects it opens for the modern man.

0.jpgThe Festival was opened by the Head of the Republic of Bashkortostan R.Z. Khamitov. In his welcome speech he stressed the role of science and reported about possibility of Technopolis creation – it would become a prospective platform for students and young scientists designed to unite science and production in one place. It is planned that the technopolis will include laboratories, research centers, scientific and educational institutions. The opening ceremony was also attended by the first deputy prime-minister of the Government of Republic of Bashkortostan A.D. Mardanov, the head of Ufa city administration I.I. Yalalov, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan R.N. Bakhtizin.


Ufa Eye Research Institute presented innovative projects, scientific products and test pieces of medical devices. The head of Republic of Bashkortostan R.Z. Khamitov  got acquainted with  the presented import-substituting products. A particular attention was paid to devices made of acrylic polymer, such as instrastromal rings which are used to correct refractive errors in patients with corneal ectasia.

A large number of participants, various scientific and entertaining program - all this, undoubtedly, will provide a better understanding of science in our country and outline new perspectives for its development.



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