Participation in the VIII Russian National Ophthalmology Forum - "RNOF-2015"



Russian National Ophthalmology Forum - "RNOF-2015" was held in Moscow, September 22-24, 2015. The venue of the forum was a large conference hall of the hotel "Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya". The delegation from the Ufa Eye Research Institute was represented by the director of the institute, Professor Bikbov M.M., the Head of Vitreoretinal and Laser Surgery Department, MD Fayzrakhmanov R.R., the Head of Children's Surgery Department MD Zaydullin I.S., the Head of the Laser Department Valyamov R.L. The forum was opened by Chief Ophthalmologist of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Director of the FSBI "Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases n.a. Helmholtz", Professor Neroev V.V., he reported on “The state of the Russian ophthalmology service in the light of the healthcare challenges.” In the plenary, Professor Malyugin B.E. paid attention to assessment of the level of cataract surgery in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. It is worth to note a high ranking operative activity in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in particular in Ufa. Professor M.M. Bikbov highlighted the aspects of corneal cross-linking, showing the prospects and problems of this area of ​​ophthalmology.


- Vitreoretinal Pathology: pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment.
- Ophthalmo-oncology. Present-day advances in diagnosis and treatment.
- VII Russian inter-regional symposium on "The elimination of avoidable blindness: WHO Global Initiative "Vision 2020". The elimination of avoidable blindness due to corneal blindness and inflammatory diseases."
- The role of experimental research in the development of ophthalmology.
- Modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment of glaucoma. Neuroprotection problems.
- Laser technologies in ophthalmology.

Doctors of the Institute presented 4 reports in different areas:
Standard and transepithelial corneal crosslinking (Bikbov M.M.)
Experience with laser Nidek MC-500 Vixi in the Ufa Eye Research Institute (Valyamov R.L.)
The use of intraocular lenses GALAXYFOLD "ULTRASMART" in complicated cataract (Fayzrakhmanov R.R.)
Results of femtolaser-assisted cataract surgery in children (Zaydullin I.S.)


During the forum, Meeting of Specialized Commission on Ophthalmology and Pediatric Ophthalmology at the Expert Council of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation was held; the information on the development of criteria for quality of medical care was presented and the federal treatment guidelines for some nosologies (retinoblastoma, herpetic keratitis and bacterial corneal ulcer, eye burn injury, tuberculosis uveitis, congenital cataract, endocrinous ophthalmopathy, concomitant strabismus) were discussed.

Vast scientific and educational program was organized; it included 23 satellite symposiums organized with the support of partners of the conference. The forum was held a meeting of young scientists. Young specialists presented their reports at the meeting of "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in the elimination of avoidable blindness system." Following the meeting the best presentations were identified and their authors were awarded diplomas. All the days of the forum was accompanied by exhibition of the ophthalmology equipment, tools, and medicines of leading domestic and foreign companies. The conference materials were published in collection of scientific papers "Russian National Ophthalmology Forum" in 2 volumes.


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