Representatives of the Academy of Medical Sciences made business visit to Ufa Eye Research Institute


August 29, 2013 Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Director of the Research Institute of Eye Diseases (RAMS), chief editor of the "News of Ophthalmology", Professor Avetisov and his deputy for science, chief editor of "Glaucoma", Professor Yerichev, made a business visit to Ufa Eye Research Institute. This is not the first visit of professors to Ufa.

During the visit were discussed the issues of further cooperation between the institutions . Professor SE Avetisov made ​​a presentation on " Keratoconus : new approaches to the study of the pathogenesis , diagnosis , correction and treatment." Report by Professor aroused great interest among the visitors of the meeting. The report and other relevant issues of ophthalmology were discussed In a form of conversation, professors answered questions of the ophthalmologists.

This meeting shows the development of cooperation between Ufa Eye Research Institute and leading Moscow ophthalmologic institutions, the growth of importance of the institution at the All-Russian and international levels.


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