The Ufa Eye Research Institute joined in the Asian Eye Epidemiology Consortium


The consortium included the Ufa Research Institute of Eye Diseases

Since 2015 the Ufa Eye Research Institute is conducting the Ural Eye and Medical Study, which is the first ophthalmological epidemiological study of the population in Russia, and in 2018 the Ural Study of Very Old was launched. These studies investigate the prevalence, causes and methods of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in people over 40 and 85 years living in the Kirov district of Ufa and the Karmaskalinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The results are internationally recognized, which is confirmed by the inclusion of the Ufa Eye Research Institute in the Asian Eye Epidemiology Consortium. On 8 February 2018 the consortium came together at the Congress of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology in Hong Kong (China). It is an influential ophthalmologic organization centered in Singapore and consists of ophthalmologists from almost all Asian countries: China, Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea, Australia, etc. Of all the ophthalmologic institutions of the Russian Federation, including the ones located in the Asian part of our country, only the Ufa Eye Research Institute of Diseases received the honor of becoming a full member of the organization. During the talks Professor Ching-Yu Cheng, President of the consortium and Head of the epidemiological department of the Singapore National Eye Center, expressed his wish to personally become acquainted with the Institute's research and make a presentation at the International Conference on Ophthalmology "East-West", which will be held in Ufa in June 2018.



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