13th Congress of the European Glaucoma Society - 2018 Florence (Italy)

13th Congress of the European Glaucoma Society  - 2018 Florence (Italy)

Head of microsurgical department of the Ufa Eye Research Institute, I. Khusnitdinov  in the delegation of ophthalmologists from Russia took part in the 13th Congress of the European Glaucoma Society, which was held in Florence (Italy) from 19 to 22 May this year. The congress was attended by over 2,700 people from 87 countries.

The Congress was held in the format of plenary sessions and satellite symposiums. The exhibition of medical equipment and products of pharmaceutical companies was presented by all major manufacturers of equipment and medicines for ophthalmology.

Most of the exhibition and lectures were devoted to the surgical treatment of glaucoma. Considerable attention was paid to micro-invasive surgery of glaucoma. It was emphasized that such techniques can be effective only at initial or not too advanced stages of glaucoma.

A separate symposium was devoted to the non-penetrating surgery of glaucoma and classical trabeculectomy, which still remains the "gold standard". P. Khow (Great Britain) enumerated techniques that increase the safety and effectiveness of trabeculectomy. Among them - the correct use of antimetabolites, the use of adjustable scleral sutures, maintenance during the operation of normal depth of the anterior chamber, hermetic sealing of the conjunctiva, and effective control of the loss of filtration in the postoperative period.

Thus, the 13th Congress highlighted the main trends in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. Nevertheless, it remains obvious how many unsolved problems are associated with this disease.


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