3rd European Congress of Young Ophthalmologists, July 13-14, 2018 (Krakow, Poland).

July 13-14, 2018 the delegation of the Ufa Eye Research Institute consisting of R. Khikmatullin and Yu. Uzyanbaeva, took part in the 3rd European Congress of Young Ophthalmologists, which took place in the cultural capital of Poland - Krakow. More than 500 young ophthalmologists from all over the world (Japan, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Poland) took part in the work of the congress. The delegation of the Russian Federation was represented by 20 young ophthalmologists with 8 reports, 2 of which were specialists from the Ufa Eye Research Institute.
Both young employees of the Institute participated in the national stage of the TROPHY scientific competition (Théa inteRnational cOntest of clinical cases in PatHologies of the EYe), an international competition for young ophthalmologists who present clinical cases of treating inflammation of the ocular surface. The competition is held annually by the international ophthalmologic company Laboratoires Théa. In 2017, 13 Russian ophthalmologists took part in the competition, and 3 of them were employees of the Ufa Eye Research Institute.
Yu. Uzyanbaeva reached the final, and R. Khikmatullin became the winner of the Russian stage of the contest. Both young specialists were invited to participate with reports at the 3rd European Congress of Young Ophthalmologists in Krakow:
• R. Khikmatullin "Topography of the demarcation line after UV corneal crosslinking with progressive keratoconus" (co-authors: M. Bikbov, E. Usubov, L. Khalimova, A. Zainetdinov)
• Yu. Uzyanbaeva "Vitreoretinal surgery in patients with diabetic macular edema" (co-authors: M. Bikbov, R. Fayzrakhmanov, R. Zainullin)
In addition, R. Khikmatullin will participate with a report at the conference on ophthalmology "EVER-2018" to compete for the main prize - a trip to the ARVO (Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology) in 2019.
The scientific program of the congress included all sections of ophthalmology. 41 oral and 59 poster presentations were presented. The first day was devoted to refractive surgery and corneal pathology, modern technologies for diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, lens and retinal pathology. Special attention was paid to the dry eye syndrome. On the second day, reports on ophthalmoncology and ophthalmoplasty, training video films were presented.
The work of the congress was filled with discussions and discussion of the most significant problems in ophthalmology. The cognitive program of the congress and the whole trip have filled young ophthalmologists with impressions and plans for active participation in such scientific events.


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