Leading Russian and foreign ophthalmologists learned what Sabantuy is in Bashkortostan.

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Leading Russian and foreign ophthalmologists - participants of the international conference on ophthalmic surgery "East-West - 2016" in Ufa acquainted with national color, life and traditions of the residents of the republic. In Davlekanovsky District Professionals from Moscow, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Perm, as well as from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, India and Pakistan learned what Bashkir Sabantuy is.

Representatives of the world ophthalmic elite with interest watched the parade of enterprises – the winners of regional competitions, performance of amateur actors who were performing the national songs and dances, the show of motorcycle riders. A horse racing have aroused a great interest of guests. They also watched a log climbing, weight lifting, comic battle with bags of straw and other competitions, and took an active participation in some of them. Russian and foreign ophthalmologists walked through the village farmsteads, and with a great interest got acquainted with the life of the multinational people of Bashkortostan presented at Sabantuy, they visited the yurts, where they were treated with traditional national cuisine.

The participants of the "East-West" conference have visited the lake Aslykul, which is part of the "Bashkortostan" National Park. They saw a theatrical performance - the epic "Ural-Batyr". The guests said that the beauty of the Bashkir land and hospitality of the residents made a great impression on them.


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