Ufa Eye Research Institute released the book "Facets of light" about the history of Bashkir ophthalmology

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d4045c2a882ac4abaf96ad4c615b9f43.JPGUfa Eye Research Institute released the book "Facets of light" about the history of Bashkir ophthalmology. The authors of the monograph are the director of Ufa Eye Research Institute, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science Mukharram Bikbov and employee of the Institute Yulia Galimova. It reflects the history of Ufa Eye Research Institute from its origins in 1886, when it was Ufa Department of Patronage of Empress Maria Alexandrovna for the Blind, and its development to the present day.

In this book which is the only of its kind in terms of the development of the study of ophthalmology in the region the authors presented unique historical photos and documents from various archives of Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Kazan, Voronezh, Saratov, Crimea and foreign countries including Germany, Switzerland and Estonia. The book contains unique information, memories of predecessors, correspondence of those times.

“We started working on the book in 2012. On its pages readers can learn how Bashkir ophthalmic science has been created. Each milestone is imbued with strength and courage of doctors and nurses once ushered in the founding of Ufa Eye Infirmary and Ufa Eye Research Institute, human victories over diseases, the most alarming of which was trachoma, the development of new therapies. And all this took place in a difficult time for the country, during World War I, Civil War, the Great Patriotic War ", - the authors say.

In the near future the monograph will appear in Ufa libraries and the National Library n.a. Ahmed-Zaki Validi, it also will be available in Ufa Eye Research Institute.


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