Doctors from Bashkortostan were recognized as the best in the country.

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On the Day of the Medical Professionals, the results of the All-Russian competition "The Best Doctor" were summarized in Moscow. In 4 out of 29 categories doctors from the Republic of Bashkortostan became prize-winners. The jury did not only take into account the level of professionalism, but also the unique technologies implemented by specialists. For example, Ildar Zaydullin, Ophthalmologist of the Ufa Eye Research Institute, developed more than one technique when working with cataract, as a result he was recognized as the best in Russia.

Aidar Gaynetdinov has only been able to see the world in all its manifestations since two days ago. The 7-year-old boy suffered from cataract all his life. It is diagnosed when the lens itself becomes cloudy, from which vision, of course, does not disappear, but seems to be as if through a dark cloth. Two days ago Aidar had a complicated surgery. The mother admitted that they have traveled to more than one clinic, but only the doctors at the Ufa Eye Research Institute were able to help.

Leysan Gaynetdinova, Aidar's mother: "They quickly checked and looked. They performed the operation. He himself says: "I fell asleep with a "bad" eye, I already woke up seeing." He did not even notice. He says: "Mom, when is the operation?". I say, "You're already done." I did not notice myself."

Complicated operations on the eyes - the speciality of Ufa ophthalmologists. And this is not only known in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. Ildar Zaydullin became a doctor 35 years ago. He always dreamed of operating, but instead of removing an appendix or transplanting a kidney, he chose to work with vision. And not on adult patients, but on children, having gained unique practices, due to which vision is even returned to newborns.

Ildar Zaydullin, the Head of the children's microsurgical department of the Ufa Eye Research Institute: "We have accumulated a lot of experience, introduced and developed technologies that allow us to operate children in the first weeks of life. We operate 5 weeks after birth. Why is this necessary? Because the earlier the operation is performed, the higher is the result. The best results on visual acuity are obtained with children who underwent surgery in the first 6 weeks of life ".

Every year, the Department of Children's Eye Microsurgery conducts up to a thousand operations, most of which are high-tech surgical interventions. Thanks to the doctors of the department, hundreds of children from all over the country and from abroad gain perfect vision during these operations.

Tatyana Kalinina, ophthalmologist, Chief Ophthalmologist of the Republic of Bashkortostan: "There are very few centers in Russia that deal with children. Because it is hard work. This is a very huge work. Operations for infants are held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in our institute. On very advanced positions in this regard."

For unique technologies and successful work, the Head of the Microsurgical Department of the Ufa Eye Research Institute, Ildar Zaidullin, was recognized as the best ophthalmologist in Russia. Colleagues congratulate the doctor in the operating room. After all, in the wards are patients from all over the country.


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