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The International Conference on Ophthalmology is held in Ufa for the 8th time and brings together leading eye doctors from all over the world: from Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa.

In addition to the plenary part, young specialists could conduct training operations here at the forum. For example, cataracts were removed from the model of the human eye under the supervision of experienced surgeons.

Alla Ryabtseva, chief freelance ophthalmologist of the Moscow region: "Young scientists not only from Ufa, but also other cities, fulfilled our tasks and questions brilliantly."

Direct broadcasts of operations from the Ufa Eye Research Institute performed by leading Bashkir and Russian surgeons were also organized. According to statistics, every second person in the world suffers from eye pathologies. The most common diseases on the majority of continents are the same: they are cataract, glaucoma and myopia. The guests also noted that the level of ophthalmic medicine of the republic occupies a worthy niche.

Roselin Duke, Professor of the Department of Ophthalmology in Nigeria: "Those modern technologies in surgery you apply, they are world-class. In addition to clinical work, there is a large amount of experimental work carried out here, which we can use to treat amblyopia in children in Nigeria, for example."


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