Unique operations to restore vision were performed in Ufa

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They were performed by the best ophthalmologists of Russia together with Ufa specialists.

The operations were conducted in the Ufa Eye Research Institute. Surgeons were monitored in real time by hundreds of doctors. They are ophthalmologists from the leading specialized research institutes, ophthalmological clinics and medical universities of the country. And also foreign guests. All of them came to the 9th International Conference on Ophthalmology "East-West".

Suvira Jain, an ophthalmic surgeon at the Rushabh Ophthalmology Clinic and the laser center in India: "Such conferences are very useful, countries must necessarily be friends in such areas as ophthalmology and surgery, because each country has its own approaches, techniques and technologies that can be learned at such events. Then to come back home and use the acquired skills in the treatment of your patients, and also share with students. Experts from different countries must communicate, because only so we can achieve our main goal - to make the patient happy. "

At the conference, the most topical issues in the field of eye diseases were discussed. According to experts today, the most important reason for low vision throughout the world, as it is not surprising is the loss of glasses and the wrong spectacle correction.

Jost Jonas, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University of Heidelberg (Germany): "Large-scale studies around the world have shown that people lose glasses and stop wearing them at all, or during diagnostics the doctor prescribes non-suitable lenses for the patient. And you can imagine these factors in statistics, and there is the main reason for low vision of people all over the world. That is why at the moment the simplest, cheapest and most convenient way to return vision to the population is to carry out the correct glasses diagnostics and assign suitable glasses. "

The conference will last only 2 days. The result of this great event in the sphere of public health for the Bashkir doctors will be a huge experience and new knowledge, which they soon use in the treatment of patients in our region.

Anastasia Khudik


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