Free medical screening

Dear patients!

In accordance with the program of state guarantees of free medical care, Russian citizens have a right for free medical examination and treatment in the SBI “Ufa Eye Research Institute of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan”.

Required documents list for examination and consultation of citizens of the Russian Federation

• Passport.

• The current medical insurance policy

• Established sample of referral from an ophthalmologist of residence

(valid for 1 month)

Diagnostics and consultations take place in the clinic by appointment only. In the office a doctor will find out the cause of your disease, determine the tactics of diagnosis and treatment and refer you to a clinician according to profile of your disease.

Initial reception and consultation of patients is held in the clinic of SBI "Ufa Eye Research Institute " (2 building, 2nd floor, reception).

To make an appointment, visit the reception:

90 Pushkin Street, Ufa
From 8.00 to 15.00, Monday to Friday
Phone: +7 (347) 286-53-03