Outpatient Surgery Department

Address:   90,  Pushkin Str. , Ufa ,  450008,  polyclinic (building № 2) 1st floor, rooms 107, 108, 109, 110, 111 Tel: +7(347) 222-47-03

Outpatient surgery department carries out a self-accounting reception of patients. The department provides a qualified eye care:
- on a voluntary basis,
- to citizens of another States, stateless persons
- on terms other than state guarantees stipulated by the program providing free medical care to citizens.

To provide skilled eye care, the necessary tool and hardware patients examinations are conducted with use of modern methods; patients are referred for treatment to the Hospitalization Replacement Technologies Department and the Laser Department (14, Aurora Str.,Ufa, 450092). Correction of vision is performed  with use of excimer laser. 

The following Offices are included into the Department:

Office of outpatient reception

Office of vision correction

Department of Surgery:

wide range of ophthalmosurgical aid: from surgical interventions on the eye adnexa to vitrioretinal surgeries are performed in the department.

The availability  of up-to-date diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment and trained professionals enables us to provide highly skilled specialized help at various diseases of the eye.

Doctors of the department carry out:
Surgical treatment of cataract: Phaco or refractive replacement of lens, femto-laser assisted phaco or refractive replacement of lens with the implantation of intraocular lens of leading foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Step of ultrasound 
removing of  
the substance of the lens

IOL Implantation
via injector

The implanted IOL
in the bag

Eye with mature age-related cataract

Eye after ultrasonic phacoemulsification with IOL implantation.

    Surgeries on the eye adnexa:

  • Removal of pterygium of any degree of complexity
  • Removal of eyelid skin tumors with plasty
  • Removal of eye conjunctiva tumors
  • Elimination of entropium
  • Eliminating of ectropion
  • Eliminating of blepharochalasis
  • Removal of chalazion
  • Irrigation lachrymal ducts
  • Activation of the lacrimal point
  • Electro-laser epilation of eyelashes
  • Transcanalicular laser dacryocystorhinostomy
          Vitreoretinal Surgeries:
  • Sutureless minimally invasive vitrectomy (25 G)
  • Sutureless minimally invasive vitrectomy (25 G) with gas-air tamponade in vitreous cavity
  • Sutureless minimally invasive vitrectomy (25 G) with perfluororganic compound tamponade in vitreous cavity
  • Vitreous cavity revision with gas-air tamponade
  • Vitreous cavity revision with silicone oil tamponade
  • Vitreous cavity revision with perfluororganic compound tamponade
  • Vitrectomy with membranektomiey