Research and Education Department
90 Pushkin Street, Ufa, 450008 
Tel.: +7 (347) 272-33-61 
Focus Area: basic and additional postgraduate doctor’s education
Types of training: 
Qualification upgrading courses:
  • Overall improvement program - 144 hours (4 weeks)
  • Thematic improvement program - 72 hours (2 weeks)
  • WETLAB training. Cataract phacoemulsification – 72 hours (2 weeks)
  • Professional development courses
  • In-place training on various topics

On the basis of Ufa Eye Research Institute a new modern educational laboratory WETLAB was opened. Here ophthalmologists can practice ultrasound technique of cataract surgery (phacoemulsification). The laboratory is equipped with modern operating microscopes, the latest generation phacoemulsifiers «Infiniti», «Laureate» (Alcon), video system for monitoring the work of interns, set of microsurgical instruments, artificial lens and high quality viscoelastic. WETLAB training at Ufa Eye Research is conducted at the highest technical and pedagogical level as part of thematic training courses. Lectures are read by leading experts of the Institute, students attend operations, watch "live surgery". Training simulators provide an opportunity to conduct surgery on animal eyes.

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Those wishing to extend or renew a Status Recognition Certificate may visit refresher courses on overall improvement at Ufa Eye Research Institute. Duration of courses is 144 hours (4 weeks). After you pass a certification exam and get a Status Recognition Certificate. Those who already received training on the basis of other Institution may pass a Certification exam at Ufa Eye Research Institute.


72 hours (2 weeks) courses that cover specific topics are available for ophthalmologists wishing to get a new and in-depth knowledge on a specific section of ophthalmology.

If you’ve had a lapse in certification your only option is to complete Status Recognition Certificate retraining.

Ophthalmologists who want to adopt the skills and experienceofUfa Eye Research Institute, new methods of diagnosis and treatment and some surgical techniques may go through on-the-job individual training in any Institute Department (diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical).

Ufa Eye Research Institute is developer of the first and only domestic device UFalink for UV cornea crosslinking; doctors have a unique experience of its use in various cornea diseases. There’s an opportunity to learn the technique by listening to theory lectures and watching surgeon’s show cases (on-job training on the subject of "Corneal collagen crosslinking in cornea diseases").

The teachers are research scientists and doctors of the Institute. There are 8 doctors, 35 Candidates of Medical Science, 38 doctors Board Certified in Ophthalmosurgery. All of them combine teaching activities with the practical and scientific work.

Students are provided with equipped training rooms and a free access to all clinical and research departments of the Institute, as well as to the operating units. Library of the Institute has a wide selection of Russian and abroad books and magazines, Internet access.

Ufa Eye Research Institute is a center where most of ophthalmological areas are presented. Therefore, students have an opportunity to attend a course of lectures given by a doctor deeply involved in a certain area of ophthalmology.


Staff Members: 

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The Head of Research and Educational Department, Candidate of Medical Sience, Board Certified in Ophthalmology