Medical device “Dextralink”

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    "Dextralink" is intended for use in ophthalmic practice during the procedure of UV crosslinking.
· protects endothelium and sensitive intraocular structures,
· decreases the intensity of UV- radiation,
· has positive influence on structural safety of corneal calls,
· accelerates regenerative processes in the cornea and healing of wounds. 

Produced sterile in vials of 3 ml,
1 ml of solution contains:
Riboflavin - 1 mg mononucleotide
Dextran 200 mg
Isotonic base q.s.

The product is certified 
At the St. Petersburg Technical Fair in 2011 the innovation Dextralink - protector of the cornea was awarded the Diploma of II degree in the nomination "The Best Innovative Project in Technology Field of living systems" and was awarded silver medal.

Cornea protector "Dextralink" has won the 
republic competition "The Best Products of Bashkortostan 2011"