Ophthalmic device “UFalink”

90 Pushkin Street, Ufa, Russia 450008        
Phone number: +7 (347) 272-08-52  

Indications for UV-crosslinking:

  • Keratoconus I-II   
  • Iatrogenic keratoectasia  
  • Marginal corneal degeneration  
  • Keratoglobus  
  • Bullous keratopathy I-II 


  • improved biochemical properties of the cornea   
  • reduction of corneal astigmatism   
  • increase in radius of corneal curvature   
  • improvement in visual acuity

The product is certified.
Those who purchase an ophthalmic device UFalink will get a free short-term training on the topic:

"Corneal collagen crosslinking for corneal diseases" - 1 day training.
Time can be set individually to applications received.
Upon completion of the training  the certificate of in-place training is given.

If you have any questions please contact
Research and Education Department of  Ufa Eye Research Institute 
+7 (347) 272-33-61,

Medical products developed and produced in the laboratory  were presented at many exhibitions and forums where they caught the interest of not only ophthalmologists but also experts in other fields. So the innovations of the institute on the St. Petersburg Technical Fair in 2011 were awarded the Diploma of II degree in the  nomination "The Best Innovative Project in Technology Field of living systems" and was awarded silver medal for the development of the device "UFalink" and protector of the cornea "Dextralink" for corneal collagen crosslinking. 

Ophthalmic device for UV crosslinking "UFalink" became the winner of the "100 best goods of Russia" in 2010 and 2013